How do I get the flag?

Question: My father is a Navy Veteran and we plan to call All Veterans when the time comes. My question is, where do we get the flag and can I get an extra flag for my sister? -Ron G., Denver, Colorado

Answer: Dear Sir, excellent question. Deceased veterans are entitled to one U.S. Burial Flag. All Veterans Funeral & Cremation will obtain the flag for the family at no cost. Once we receive the flag, the flag will be pressed and draped over the casket of the veteran. In the case of cremation, we will fold the flag in the traditional triangular pattern to be placed next to the urn. The flag will then be presented to the family by a member of the U.S. Militar Honor Guard. If no service has been requested, a member of All Veterans Funeral & Cremation will present the folded flag to a designated member of the family.

For additional information, you may wish to visit the VA National Cemetery Administration “Burial Flags” page:

Please extend our heartfelt thanks to your father for his service to our country.