Calvin Paul Schmidt

February 18, 1929
Passed Away:
January 14, 2010

Longtime Colorado Springs resident. Survived by his wife, Roxie; a son Steve; and three daughters, Connie Duran, Karen Fredericks and Bonnie Schmidt.


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  1. Kay Taylor says:

    Never have I met such a charming and wonderful man as Cal. For the brief time that I knew him, he burned a mark on my heart. I met Roxie and Cal in 2005, when our daughter, Tabitha, moved to Colorado Springs and was so lucky to live next door to them. Since then, Roxie and Cal have been in my heart in VA. Thank you, Roxie, for sharing your hubby with us and for sharing your loving spirit. I am just praying that my dad and Cal have met in heaven. May God continue to bless you all. Love, Gary and Kay

  2. Ann and Roger Woidtke says:

    Uncle Smokey as we called him was a very humorous man and one with great generosity. As my family and I traveled around the United States and would cross through Colorado, he always welcomed us into his home. We spent some great times in the back yard and we will always remember his dingo dog. The first time I saw Uncle Smokey was at a Christmas Eve gathering at my grandmothers house. I do not remember if he and Aunt Roxie were married at that time but we knew he was part of the family. Roger and I will remember him with fond memories of a kind and generous man.

  3. Valerie (Lindenberg) Pisierra says:

    I have such fond memories of my childhood and spending time with my Uncle Smokey and all my cousins. When I close my eyes I see his big smile and hear a hearty laugh. These are the things in my mind that will always bring me comfort. My biggest regret is not being able to see my family for so many years. This never stopped me from remembering the fun times we had. It is a large part of what has shaped me as person, knowing my childhood was full of good memories with family. He was a great man, I only wish I could have seen him more in this life and my children could have met him.

  4. Larry Ledom says:

    I meet Cal through my Dad Don Ledom they were great friends. Cal went elk hunting with us one year..I never had so many laughs during that week what my Dad didn’t think up Cal did. Cal was the best blade operator I ever ran into, I would go with him at times on different jobs he was doing. He and Roxey are and always be a big part of the Ledom Family! R.I.P. ole friend Larry Ledom

  5. Kelly & Laurie Nightengale says:

    Cal was a great operator. that is how we came to know Cal & Roxie. we met when the pipelining was going strong in the four corners area. we will always have fond memories of those times. In the course of Cal & Roxie retiring & us continuing to travel we did not see each other nearly enough. kelly & cal always enjoyed talking on the phone tho & even if months had went by, they picked up where they had left off. our deepest sympathies to all of you.

  6. Bonnie Schmidt says:

    My Father ~ In loving memory of my father with a continued willingness to be there for you far or near. Dad, you and I, in fact, had a lot in common. Undoubtedly, that reality allowed me to be keenly aware of some of your struggles and probably had a lot to do with the struggles between you and I. And yet, just an hour or so before your passing ~ with your hand over mine ~ I knew, without a doubt, that any struggle between you and I or even in your life was essentially “love”. Silently and powerfully I know that you shared that with me. Thank you. In 1951 my father joined the Army with the goal of learning to operate heavy equipment. Since I was six years old and until I was about thirteen years old our family moved from place to place (state to state) depending on where the construction jobs were. From about 1971 through 1986 he owned his own excavation construction company. My father achieved his initial goal and he strived for excellence. As his daughter, I know that I did not see his commitment to excellence and the results that it yielded as easily as others did. On one occasion I ran into someone who knew my father and I was told that my father was a “genius” when it came to heavy equipment operations and excavating. In the manner that this was shared with me, there was no room for criticism…it was final. In the last year, I received a Bachelors Degree in Mechanical Engineering. Even though, this discipline is exciting, it seemed so odd that educationally I’d end up here. Yet, in some connecting way this is a field that neatly defined many things that my father already knew. Conversations with my father regarding subjects related to this field amazed me. I love you dad.

  7. Bruce Schmidt says:

    I have GREAT memories of my uncle Calvin & “May God Bless the Family forever”

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