7/6/2011 11:00 a.m. Mount Saint Vincent Home 4156 Lowell Blvd. Denver, CO

Committal Service:

7/6/2011 1:00 p.m. Fort Logan National Cemetery 4400 W. Kenyon Ave, Denver, CO


7/6/2011 3:00 p.m. Clear Creek Care Center 7481 Knox Place Westminster, CO

Florence V. Stratman

March 8, 1923 :: Ansley, Nebraska
Passed Away:
June 28, 2011 :: Westminster, Colorado

Florence Viola Stratman was born March 8th, 1923 in Ansley Nebraska to Ruth Teller and Clyde Ogilvie. They moved to Deadwood South Dakota in 1930. August 20th 1940 Florence went on the “first real date” of bowling, burger, and a malt with the future love of her life Jerry Stratman after being introduced by their mutual friends at a high school football game in Deadwood. On November 27th, 1942 in Anaconda Montana they made their love official and got married.

Florence is the mother of six children, grandmother to eleven, and fifteen great grandchildren. She is remembered as always up early with a smile on her face and humming something upbeat. Ready for church or a yard sale! She remembered everyone’s birthdays with a two dollar bill, or a dollar gold coin. No matter what, she made each individual feel special!

Florence also spent many years teaching at Pecos middle school where she loved her students and job dearly. Florence also was an amazing piano player.

Florence passed away on June 28th 2011, in Westminister, Colorado. She is preceded in death by husband Jerry, and daughter Joanne Stratman Kay, parents Clyde and Ruth Ogilvie, brother Lawrence Ogilvie, and sister Elsie Pfister.

She is survived by five children, 11 grandchildren, and 15 great grandchildren. She will be loved and missed by many.

Services will be held July 6, at 11 A.M. Mount Saint Vincent’s Home 4159 Lowell Blvd., Denver, CO

Burial will be at Fort Logan Cemetery Area “A” at 1 P.M. and a reception will follow at 3 P.M. at Clear Creek Care Center, 7481 Knox place, Westminster, CO 80030

In lieu of flowers please send donations to Parkinson’s foundation.


21 Responses to Florence V. Stratman

  1. Catherine Kirk says:

    I missed writing this on your birthday by 4 minutes. You have been on my mind all day, and in my heart. Your sweet presence has kept me smiling. We celebrated so many fun birthday’s together. My love and respect are yours Mama. Thank you for everything! You are not forgotten!! Love you so much. Catherine Delyn

  2. Catherine Delyn Kirk says:

    I love you Mom. I miss and think of you daily.

  3. Jennifer Havengar says:

    Florence Stratman was such a wonderful woman. Seeing her with her family made me realize how much I had neglected to cultivate my relationship with my own grandparents. It inspired me to reconnect with my loved ones before they passed away. She always encouraged our children to try new things and do their best at it. When I was learning to sew, she gave me magazines, taught me some basics and even gave me some patterns that she had used with her own children. She has truly been an inspiration to all who spent time with her. My heart goes out to the Stratman family. Your loss is great. It has been my honor to know such a beloved woman.

  4. Catherine Delyn Stratman Kirk says:

    It seems as if when you get to this side of your life you realize it has all happened … in a blink of an eye. Everything you felt would last fast forever…Is gone. You think… this particular time of your life, saying good-bye to your parents, is so far away. Then you blink….! You seemed so strong when I was small! You were there to guide me, always! During my darkest hours, you loved me. You continued to work on me, always prodding me to strive harder, work longer, try again, as though you were polishing a diamond in the rough. I was secretly afraid that one day you would realize all the polishing was not producing a diamond. But still…you saw the best in me. My failures or shortcomings never stopped you from thinking that I could do anything. You saw beauty in me. Your spirit is still with me. We proudly carry on the lessons you have taught us. I have picked up the phone to call you several times. I can still feel the warmth of holding your little hands. A lifetime of memories flash through my mind, Seeing you laugh, (we laughed so hard together) gardening, cooking, doing crafts, riding a horse, loving your children, grandchildren, great grandchildren, playing the piano, loving Dad, praying. Grieving is a minute-by-minute process, and my minutes are going by slowly. However, as I grieve for my loss of you, I rejoice that you are at peace. I will remember you always, and smile. I am all I am because of You and Dad, and the love you gave to me. I love you. Rest in Peace Mom Your daughter, Catherine Delyn

  5. Carol & Darrel Wagner says:

    To the family of Florence ~ When someone you love becomes a memory . . . that memory becomes a treasure. With heartfelt sympathy in your time of sorrow, Carol & Darrel Wagner

  6. William J. Glade Jr. says:

    My condolences to Cathy Stratman and her family. Her mother was a wonderful lady to her kids, and grandkids. She loved teaching school, and helping the students.

  7. Dennis Kirk says:

    You were a great mother-in-law. I loved and respected you. You made me the best fudge. I will miss you. Thank you for loving me. Love, Dennis

  8. Collin Havengar says:

    My Great grandmother lived a very full and long life. I have heard of so many stories of her adventures. I hope I live a life much like her. I love you great grandma.

  9. Eric Vigil says:

    My heart and My deepest synphathy’s go out to the Stratmen family. It is always hard to say goodbye to someone that has touched so many heart’s an that’s a loss that can never be replaced. But the kindness an exceptance I’v received from the whole family tells me that it lives in whithin. That her love;her memory will always be rememberd and forever lived. Again I exspress deepest sympathy’s

  10. Carl says:

    Cheif thats what grandma always called me. I wish someone could still call me that. I wish she could have gotten better but I knew she was hurting inside and she didn’t want to live in pain anymore but she put up a hard fight. But I know she is in a better place now no pain no worries no stress she is now where she can be free she can run again and live with no dieases she can see other family members that have been lost in this family I love her so much she was the best. When I had time to spend with grandma she was my best friend. The one I could always talk to she always help with school or craking some funny jokes. Who could I hear jokes from anymore no one was as funny as her. All the fun times I’ve had with her will always be in memories and will never be forgotten. I know i’ll be with her again someday so we can laugh and the whole family can be together again I love you so much grandma I you miss lots. Love Cheif

  11. Sydney says:

    My great grandma took all of the bad out of life and made it so much fun! Everything you could possibly do, she did all of it. She has always been my favorite role model. She enjoyed life, and looked at all of the positive things. Whenever she saw me she gave me something. The last memory I had with her she was teaching my mom, dad, brother, and I how to play the game “Flinch”. She couldn’t remember so we had to look it up! We all had our laughs, and I will never forget that memory. I love you so much Great Grandma! Love, Sydney

  12. Dean says:

    Great Grandma, I love you so much, I know how much you wanted to pick me up and play with me even if you couldn’t I loved playing with you. I always left with something in my hand or in my pockets. I will always cherish all the things you have given me. I will continue to laugh with my teddy bear! Love you so much great grandma! Love, Dean

  13. Derek says:

    Grandma, You were such an inspiration to me. Thank you for pushing me so hard on my speech. I hated it, until I delivered it and was so thankful you made me practice for so long. I will miss you and all the things that you put into everyone to make them better at anything they do. Love you and will always miss you, Derek

  14. Ron Havengar says:

    My Grandma was the greatest that ever lived. Raising 6 kids, surviving ww2 as a young mother that had got her pilots license so her husband didn’t have all the fun! She put everyone first her whole life and up until the very end! I hope we can all take a page out of her book and try to treat people as she did which is easier said than done. She was the greatest grandmother that ever lived!!!

  15. Marianne Havengar says:

    My mom was a dedicated wife and mother who loved all her family very much. I have so many wonderful memories. We have cried and laughed together. I will miss the talks we had and secrets we shared. She had such a great sense of humor! Everyone who met her loved her. She was a wonderful Christian and did many things for many people. She had a heart of gold and a beautiful smile that warmed everyones heart. I will miss you my little mom. May you rest in peace in the arms of Jesus. I have such an emptiness but I am glad you are in heaven. I love you very much and you will be in my thoughts everyday until I am with you again. Thank you dear mom.

  16. Liana says:

    Grandma, You were the best grandma a granddaughter could ever have had. You showed me how to have strength, determination and as a women I could be whatever I wanted to be. You taught me how to play games and how you need to win on your own merit, no one should let you win :-). You also taught me there was no algebra problem we couldn’t solve. Ohh I can’t forget you have to get up early to hit the best garage sales. I will forever try to keep the great attitude as you had. I will always look up to you and strive to make you proud even though I already know you are. I will keep my promise and pray for you everyday. You will always be loved so much and you will live on through generations to come. I love you so much and will miss you! Have fun in heaven and give grandpa a kiss for me! Love always and forever, Liana

  17. nicolette iron shell says:

    Florence stratmen was my great grandmother. from everything i can rember of her was a very strong hearted very intellagent person who will be very missed. i love you grandma!

  18. Wagner Family says:

    We were so lucky to have such a wonderful, passionate, caring, and strong woman to lead our family. We think the world of you. Kiley and Nathan will always look back and remember you as their magical Great Grandma. Thank you for being such a big part of my life. I’m a better person because of you and all the great advice you gave. I know Grandpa was waiting for you at the gates Heaven and the two of you are enjoying each others company once again! We love and Miss you. Love Always, Chad, Rachel, Kiley and Nathan Wagner

  19. Joanne IronShell says:

    You will be greatly missed. I love you grandma.

  20. jessica bannan says:

    Gone But Not Forgotten! As I look up at my children and see their tiny faces, I can’t help but feel the love and welcome sweet ebraces! Passed down from generations and looking through the years, I see my grandma’s eyes through my little baby’s tears! My grandma’s stubborn side, hard working and strong willed! I see my girls display, as they make sure their dreams are filled! As I continue to look deeper, my son he stands so tall! I see my grandpa’s strength as my boy successes not to fall. My grandpa had a look, such kind and gentle eyes. Yet built just like a rock, He is my son at no surprise! We all come straight from God, we all know this is true, but we continue down the line, because a love stood through and through! A generation gone, but will never be forgotten, Their stories in our hearts, and in our babies simple grin. I love you Grandma-may you rest in peace. You will be missed by so many. Your strenght, wisdom, humor, and love is one I’ll charish for the rest of my life. You left such big shoes to fill, and pray one day I’ll even come close! I love you. Love, Jessie, Mike, Jacob, Delyn, and CheyAnne Bannan

  21. Cathy Kirk says:

    It’s been 5 years today. I love you ❤️

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