Greg Shuman

July 5, 1946 :: Chicago, Illinois
Passed Away:
November 30, 2014 :: Denver, Colorado

This online memorial was created in the memory of our beloved Greg Shuman who was born in Chicago on 5th July 1945 and passed away on 30th November 2014, 69 years of age. Greg passed peacefully at home surrounded by family after a courageous battle against cancer. Greg enjoyed listening to music, reading historical novels by the pool and being a great father and friend. He is survived by his sons Jonathan and Daniel and his brothers Daniel and William (Maureen) Shuman.

We will miss your smile and laughter. We will miss your guidance and thoughtful gestures, constant reminders of how proud you are of us. You instilled confidence, curiosity and compassion in us, and made us know we could achieve anything we put our minds to, for this we will never be able to thank you enough. We know you are still here with us in spirit and always watching over us.

Love Jonny and Danny

And when the broken-hearted people
living in the wold agree
there will be an answer, let it be
for though they may be parted
there is still a chance that they will see
there will be an answer – let it be


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  1. Doris Beeler says:

    If Greg was stationed in Kitzingen, Germany I knew him

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