Gregory Lynn Settle

In Loving Memory
January 6, 1946
Passed Away:
July 18, 2016

Gregory Lynn Settle (70) of Aurora Colorado peacefully passed away at University of Colorado Hospital on July 18, 2016, after a courageous battle with lung cancer. Greg was born in New London, CT on January 6, 1946 to Helen and Kempton Settle. He attended the Liberty Township Consolidated School (the first rural consolidated school in Iowa) followed by Clemons School and in 1963 he was in the first graduating class of West Marshall High school in State Center, Iowa. After graduating he served in the United States Air Force.

Greg worked in construction for many years before starting his own business with his two sons. He was also a proud member of Rocky Mountain Aeromodelers Club, acting as an Official at local contests and engineered custom R/C engines. Greg is survived by his wife Bonny, 2 sons Terry and Darrell, 2 daughters Jananne and Kay. Granddaughters Angel, Brittany, Chelsey, Ella, Lylah, and 6 Great Grandchildren. His mother Helen Settle (Jones) of Marshalltown, IA and his 2 brothers John and Jerry. Greg was preceded in death by his father Kempton Settle and an infant daughter Michelle from a previous marriage.


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  1. Jananne Settle says:

    My Dad was always there for me. I am so proud of the way he fought right up til the end. My dad worked hard and played even harder. Love you Dad!

  2. Michael says:

    Mr. Settle was an honest, fair, and a stern man. I always immensely enjoyed our long talks together. He continued to let reason and causation dictate his thought process; denying irrational emotional confusion. I am delighted to have seen him recently albeit sadly, was the last time. He will be missed greatly. I am and will always be glad to call this man a friend.

  3. Kevin Hutchinson says:

    Greg and I met by phone in 2002. He spent countless hours over the phone teaching me about R/C engines. He invited me to come to Aurora after visiting me in Fla in 2006, to let me see 1st hand. He was never selfish with his knowledge. To the family he will be missed.

  4. Jennifer Ryan says:

    My condolences. I’ll never forget the joy I felt when I made your dad laugh for the first time. I then saw what an incredible heart he had and how fiercely he loved his family. You’ve got one heck of an angel to look down on all of you.

  5. Scott McTaggart says:

    R.I.P Greg. Never forgotten. ?

  6. Kelli Parsons says:

    Greg always surprised me. Every time we ever talked at length he revealed a new talent or jewel of knowledge. So proud to have known him. Rest in peace Greg.

  7. Kay Moran says:

    I have been at a loss for words really. I owe my Dad so much for all he did for me and for my girls. He helped me and my husband raise them really. Changed diapers, bottle feedings, teaching them to ride bikes. My girls have nothing but love for this man, and I will forever be greatfull for his guidance and support. I always used to ask my Dad.. ” How are you today” and he would say
    ” Well… I’m still upright” I wish you were still here Dad. I’m so, so sad thinking of some milestones you will miss of Ella and Lylah. But I know you will be there in some shape or form, and Dad if there is any way you can make those two girls get along that would be great.. 🙂 Love you Dad. We will miss you so!

  8. Don Smallwood. says:

    Sorry for the loss of very good friend.

  9. Lylah Moran says:

    I miss my grandpa and he has been a huge pat of my life. He will never be forgotten and he’s always in my heart.

  10. Ella Moran says:

    I miss my grandpa so very much. He means the world to me. He served this country, he raised me, and he loved me. I loved him more then the world. Its sad that he had to leave but it was just his time to become one of God’s precious angels. He taught me so much in the 12 years we had together, He gave me a piece of a railroad track and said, “remember this when I am gone.” and I gladly will. In his final days I talked to him more then I ever had before. I miss hearing his voice say, “I love you.” I know he loves me and I love him. He has so many friends that supported him through this journey as well as our family. Its sad that he had to leave but it was so peaceful the way he left. He had his time to shine on earth but then came his time to shine in heaven. He will be missed by friends, family, and me. You will miss parts of my life grandpa, but I know you will be here, always. I love you grandpa. You are my everything. We share so many memories that will be cherished. I love you grandpa, You will always have a special place in my heart. You will be missed. I love you and miss you. You are my number one grandpa.

  11. Raymond Blanchard says:

    RIP Greg See you in heaven. We’ll talk then.

  12. Todd Osborn says:

    Well Greg you and Carl Shoup can take turns flying your speed planes in that big speed cage in the sky. I will miss you old friend.

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