5/7/2010 10:00 am, New Song Church, Colorado Springs, CO

Funeral Service:

5/7/2010 11:00 am, New Song Church, Colorado Springs, CO


5/7/2010 2:15 pm, Ft. Logan National Cemetery, Area “C”, Denver, CO

James “Jim” Myron Houle

June 17 1950 :: in Mt. Vernon, Ohio
Passed Away:
April 25, 2010 :: in Colorado Springs, Colorado

Jim Houle, 59 of Colorado Springs, Colorado passed away April 25, 2010 in his home. He was born on June 17, 1950 in Mt. Vernon, Ohio to James and Betty Houle. He was a Loving husband to Susan, They were married on June 10th, 1995. Father to Jay and Grant, brother to Barb, Margo, Bonnie, Cathryn, and Terry. Jim was employed by Western Forge, this is where they make Made in the U.S.A. tools, and this was his second family. Jim worked at Western Forge for 37 years. Jim was a very quiet man, but he left a mark on those around him. Jim will be truly missed by those who knew and loved him.


2 Responses to James “Jim” Myron Houle

  1. Barbara says:

    Jimmy you will never no how much I wish that the night you called me that I had never hung up and that I had told you how much you ment to me and the rest of the family. I no that when you passed there was so much going on in your world I hope that you are at peace and no beond anything else that you will forever be missed. I talked to Grant and Jay and there were so many things that should have been said so much pain that could have been avoided if you all had had the ability to just say how everyone all really felt. Grant called and said he put flowers on your grave you don’t know how much you are missed. Just know that you will always be missed and that we care

  2. Sister says:

    Jimmie I know you are looking down on all of us and you are in a better place. But no that you are missed and although your are gone your spirit is here. As long as anyone you touched is alive your memory will never be forgotten.

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