Jeffrey Alan Sabados

July 18, 1957 :: Denver, Colorado
Passed Away:
April 20, 2017 :: Denver, Colorado


Jeff and I rarely saw eye to eye,
yet we had the utmost respect and love for each other.
You know, that is what happens when you are brothers.

As kids, we would fight like hell,
but if it came down to protecting each other,
we would be there for one another.

It’s amazing how fast life passes us by.
As kids we think that we are invincible
and with age we realize those thoughts were all mythical.

Our parents made sure we stayed in Boy Scouts and achieved the rank of Eagle.
We were both blessed to have learned so much from so many leaders.
We learned the importance of being loyal, dependable and being achievers.

Time moved on and we went our separate ways.
I married the love of my life at nineteen
and Jeff moved on, entering the Air Force ~ that was unforeseen!

Jeff became a registered nurse while in the Air Force
and he served our country with pride.
He cared for many higher ranking officers, hovering over their bedsides.

I learned that Jeff was gay during Julie’s and my engagement party.
He broke the news to me and I cried myself to sleep.
Back in those days, if you were gay, you weren’t supposed to say a peep.

Thank God, the majority of mankind has grown and come a long way throughout the years.
Early pioneers like Jeff paved the path as so often they were humiliated and suffered.
People have learned and accepted them for what’s in their hearts as mankind’s knowledge moved upward.

Jeff’s life journey led him down so many paths, too many to recount them all.
What is known for sure is that Jeff touched many people’s lives and he finally found a life partner.
Scott was part of our family ~ we still love and miss him since his passing departure.

Scott’s illness and eventual death caused Jeff so much grief, pain and hurt.
He didn’t know how to cope and turned to alcohol as his way out.
He became totally addicted ~ several times he almost suffered life’s final “knockout”.

I am proud to say that Jeff finally found help through the Veterans Administration,
where all the right people knew how to help Jeff cope with all of his pain.
During Jeff’s last few years, he was back to being “Jeff” where being real and normal did reign.

Jeff became so much closer to me and my dad and for that, all three of us were thankful.
Jeff will forever remain fondly and with love, in the hearts of all those who crossed life’s path with him.
So I tip my glass and say a final “Cheers!” to you, Jeff, until our paths cross again.


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  1. Lorenzo sandoval says:

    I’m very sorry know Jeff passed on. I’d see him now and then at the VA

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