John “Jack” Krine

March 2, 1928 :: New York City, New York
Passed Away:
January 21, 2013 :: Arvada, Colorado

John Henry Krine. Born on March 2, 1928, John grew up in New York. He was a good student but especially excelled at chemistry. He loved dogs, hunting, and camping. After high school he enlisted in the army where he served for 8 years. John had a special talent for creating and building things and so the army put him to work making guns. He eventually made his way to Trinidad, Colorado to go to a gunsmithing school and fell in love with Colorado. He decided he wanted to do more with his life and enrolled at CU. He graduated from CU with a BS in Chemical Engineering. When he was 28 he met and married Aleksandra Halina Maliszewski. He began his career with Rocky Flats and soon the family grew to 5 with the birth of their 3 children, Tim, Donna and Yvonne. John was laid off from Rocky Flats once the cold war slowed down and became a small businessman. John volunteered and taught hunter safety classes to old and young alike. He also volunteered and helped out the DOW.


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