Military Service:

8/6/2015 Fort Logan National Cemetery 3698 S. Sheridan Blvd., Denver, CO 11:30am, Staging Area ‘B’

Celebration of Life:

8/6/2015 Life Care Center of Littleton, 1500 W Mineral Ave, Littleton, CO 80120, 2:15pm

Kenneth Dell Mills

July 3, 1929 :: Hooker, Oklahoma
Passed Away:
August 1, 2015 :: Littleton, Colorado

Kenneth Dell Mills, 86, passed away at 9:30 PM on August 1, 2015 of complications from Parkinson’s disease, heart disease, and stroke. Ken was born July 3, 1929 to Jack and Freda Mills in Hooker, Oklahoma. He is survived by his sister Phyllis, his wife Darlene, his three children, Jacky, Steve (and wife Cheryl), and Tim (and wife Jacquie), his step-children Becky and Ginger; his grandchildren Randy, Jeremy, Ryan, Genevieve, Melaina, Aaron, and his step-grandchildren Ryan, Kali, Lani, Maddie, Emma, Christian, Dallas, and Nick; and one great-grandchild, Ailey.

Ken had a long and proud career in the United States Army, retiring as a Sargent Major (E-9) in 1967. While serving in the Korean War he received the Bronze Star for valor and the Purple Heart, as well as other commendations.

In retirement Ken’s constant wish was to “visit” with family and loved ones. He loved long conversations about current events and family matters, and watching old western movies. He was a committed Christian who spend many hours studying scripture, participating in Bible studies, and Christian outreach as a Stephen’s Minister. His faith comforted him through the many physical trials he experienced later in life.

Ken touched many lives, and will be missed by all who had the privilege of knowing him.


One Response to Kenneth Dell Mills

  1. Gary Schidt says:

    Ken was my 1st cousin, closer than by brothers, my mentor and mentors of others. He made me who I am today and took no credit , made his children the people they are today through his leadership. God bless Ken Mills, his bothers, his wonderful sister Philyis, and all the G.I.s that were with him in those terrible times. I followed in ’66 in Vietnam, but nothing like he went through. Youngest Sargent Major (e-9) in army history, He spent 15 years in Germany putting together the communications systems for the Free World.
    This was no ordinary man. I stand in his shadows, he made me what I am today. Words fail me, he was such a great, humble, man. I will never forget him nor will he never be in my prayers.

    God thank you for this man and his family, his influence on me. Sorry is missed his services. Never forget the love and devotion for Kenneth Dell Mills of Hugoton Kansas. No one will ever read this but me. Thats, ok, I had to tell someone how great this man was, who he was, and what good he did in this world. I have run out of words, I will never run out of love for this man and his family.
    Guess I did this for me. This was a man you couldn’t just walk around. Lucky if you got to cross trails with him. God give him rest. Amen

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