10/23/2015 12:00 P.M. Fort Logan National Cemetery 4400 West Kenyon Avenue, Denver, Colorado

Marilyn Ann Stephens

May 6, 1940
Passed Away:
October 9, 2015

Beloved mother of Walter L. Faulkner, John G. Faulkner, Dora F. Davis, Anna M. Johnson, Harry F. Faulkner, 22 Grandchildren and 16 Great Grandchildren.


8 Responses to Marilyn Ann Stephens

  1. Teresa Bartlett says:

    Grandma we will forever miss you. Wish we could have seen you once more…. Until we meet again in heaven, love you.

  2. Nancy Schultz says:

    Sorry for your loss

  3. Natasha says:

    Grandma, it’s almost been a year. I miss you so much. It’s hard to pass your house everyday and know that you’re not visually there. I know that you will always be with me, but I wish I could see you in person visually I miss you grandma. I love you so much. Can’t wait to see you again.

  4. Natasha says:

    Grandma it’s almost been 2 years. Oh how I wish you were still here. I miss you more than you can ever imagine. I know that you’re in a better place. But it’s so hard knowing that you’re not here anymore. I love you soooo much! See you later in Heaven!

  5. Natasha says:

    Grandma, it’s been a year a month and a day, I miss you so much, I really wish you were here, When I found out that you passed away, I didn’t think that I could make it anymore, but I know that you wouldn’t want us to be sad for you, but to be happier that you’re home. I love you so much! I know I never really say that when you were here, and I wish I did, but will say it now, I love you. Can’t wait to see you when my time comes! See you then

  6. Natasha says:

    Grandma, it’s almost been 2 years since I last seen you. Now, I know you’re in a better place and you’re no longer struggling with pain, it gets harder and harder everyday that I pass your house. I can’t wait until I get to see you again. But until then, I love you so much Grandma, and I’ll see you when my time comes.

  7. Natasha says:

    Grandma, your birthday is quickly approaching I can’t believe that this year will make 3 years since your last year here on Earth. But I know that you are watching over everyone and making sure that we’re all okay. Even though it’s hard to see your house and know that you don’t live there anymore, I know that you have an amazing place up in Heaven. Save a place up there for me. I love you so much Grandma. Until we meet again.

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