Memorial Service:

5/16/2015 1:00 PM, 1st Baptist Church of Westminster, 7625 Lowell Blvd, Westminster, CO 80030

Orville Winton Stevens

June 2, 1928 :: Hanley Falls, Minnesota
Passed Away:
April 29, 2015 :: Westminster, Colorado

Orville Stevens was born June 2nd, 1928, on a farm near Hanley Falls, Minnesota, to Clara and James Stevens. His two older brothers, LeVern and Clayton, also welcomed their little brother. Orville was baptized at the Hanley Falls Lutheran Church July 1928, that afternoon the family farm was hit by a large tornado, it took all buildings on the farm except the house, Orville was covered in glass, but safe. Orville spent his growing years helping on the farm, which included one of his worst job, harnessing the large dray horses to work in the fields, playing base ball, hunting, trapping and of course great times with all his cousins who lived close by on farms. The family was blessed with a little sister Arlene, when Orville was 12 years old. He attended Hanley Falls School, after school he farmed with his father. In 1949 his uncle (Uncle Sam) made a special call to him in which Orville could not say no , he left Granite Falls and headed to Fort Riley, Kansas, for basic infantry training, after basic training his leave included a trip back home to Minnesota, which found him trapped on the farm, because of flooding, due to melting snow, he missed his basic training group that was headed to Korea, when he could get off the farm, he was sent to Seattle to catch the General Miggs ship for Korea and was now part of the 4.2 mortar division in communication, that was attached to the South Korea K-Mag unit. After a year fighting in North Korea he was returning on a ship to the states and ran into one of the guys he trained with at Fort Riley, finding out this guy was the only one who survived the war from that unit. Just another reminder on how God was looking over Orville. Upon returning to Minnesota, farming did not look like it was in his future, he started working on the new addition to the school in Clarkfield. Orv and Joan Torgerson were married on March 21, 1953.

Orville started working for the Clarkfield creamery; the creamery started a milk drying department which Orv was in charge. His love of hunting, fishing and going to as many as possible car races in the area filled his free time. Orv had two very special little girls in his life in Minnesota, Linda Olson-Roder, since she was a baby and our friends first daughter, Carolyn Froland, she would not let anyone change or feed her but Orbille. Her favorite word was “Orbille do it.” He moved to Colorado to look for work in the spring of 1956. He took a job with Samsonsite luggage and worked there from March to July 1956 when the plant closed for vacation; Orv then found work with Sundstrand and worked there for 34 years.

Orville watched their home being built in Westminster, they moved into their home in October 1956, his pride and joy was his yard, he would get on his hands and knees to pull weeds. A son, James was born February 13, 1959. Orville became active in politics and became a committee man for several years. He also helped in many campaigns, working many hours in setting up and taking down political information He was involved in Jim’s hockey team as a “caretaker” of the equipment. Which meant many hours in many cold arenas? In the 70’s Orville took over the head usher job in the balcony at Calvary Temple until retirement, when he started traveling more. Orville purchased a Corvair 1966 and somehow they are like Rabbits they multiply, many more Corvairs found their way to Orv’s place, he took them apart saved what he thought he would need and parted out the rest, but he did keep enough to fill a seven car garage which included one, 56’ Hudson, 62’ Corvair Station Wagon, 63’ Corvair Pickup, 64’ Corvair 4-door sedan, 65’ Corvair Corsa Convertible, 66’ Corvair Monza Convertible, 67’ Corvair Monza 2-door hardtop. He was very active in Rocky Mountain Corsa, which included traveling to many conventions in many parts of the United States.

He and the family enjoyed camping, with the family trailer, for 20 years. He then decided motor homes were the way to go, he enjoyed his motor homes, when he got a Bounder he became active in the Rocky Roos a chapter of Bounders United which included rallies and traveling to many national rallies with a wonderful group. The twins Donna and Di Cummins, who are very special to him called him Unc since they were little. They have made sure he was in need of nothing, calling, bringing food, spending time with him when he was in the hospitals. Mark and Meghan were like grandkids, he so enjoyed looking for things to bring back to them when we traveled. He so enjoyed watching Bryan and Gary Dean Pedigo grow up with us. Orville has been blessed with many friends. Many have said Orville was the kindest person they have ever met.

Preceding him in death were his parents, sister, two brothers and Ole, Lars and Wyle his cats!


5 Responses to Orville Winton Stevens

  1. Gene and Carol Curtis says:

    Joan, i pray you will feel our love for you today. So sorry to hear of Orville’s death. May God be very near you and Jim.

  2. Gary Pedigo Jr says:

    Grandpa Orv, Thank you for always letting me “help”. You knew every time I helped you wash the cars or mow the lawn, you’d have to fix everything I did. It was always more work for you. But you never stopped letting me help! Some of my favorite memories were spent at your house. You and Grandma Joan have played an important and wonderful role in my life. You will never be forgotten. Thank you for all the memories. Love Gary Dean

  3. Sam,Carol and Briana Drayton says:

    Joan I am sorry for lose.May God watch over you and Jim.

  4. Bryan Pedigo says:

    So many years of wonderful memories. Thanks Orv for being such a wonderful person in my life.

  5. Ann Mitchell Keith says:

    I’m sending love and prayers to you and family – we have our memories of such good times.

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